Our Mission, Vision, Governance

Quality Begins at the Top

The Highlands at Wyomissing is managed by an experienced staff of seasoned professionals. We value collaboration among Board members, residents, staff, and the community. Our local, all-volunteer Board of Directors has ultimate fiduciary responsibility. But from the beginning, The Highlands residents have served on our Board of Directors and advisory committees. Residents also form committees and interest groups to plan events and contribute input regarding day-to-day life at The Highlands at Wyomissing.

Board of Directors

Senior Leadership Team


The mission of The Highlands at Wyomissing is to enrich the lives of senior adults through sponsorship of a high-quality, not-for-profit continuing care retirement community.


Our community sets the standard of excellence in retirement living by providing exceptional quality of life, security and value.

Core Values

The Highlands is distinguished by the quality of life experienced by its residents. This reputation is set by values that guide the governing body and the staff in carrying out their responsibilities and is reflected in our commitment to the Power to Realize, Inspire, and Deliver Excellence (PRIDE).

Community Spirit

We foster and support a community that provides enjoyment, comfort, and a sense of pride among residents. We satisfy expectations for a physically attractive, well-maintained, and secure home. We are committed to offering a unique, resident-inspired program that addresses physical, psychological, educational, spiritual, and social needs of residents throughout the community.  The active participation of residents in defining these common interests and how to best accommodate these interests is essential to preserving community spirit.  Additionally, we recognize that our commitment to community spirit includes an active role as a participant in the greater community.

Quality Commitment

The community is committed to outstanding quality in all interactions with residents. This commitment  reflects the provision of care and service in a fair, respectful, and professional manner. The measure of our quality commitment is exceptional resident satisfaction and the overall well-being of those we serve.


We operate at the pinnacle of excellence among retirement communities by incorporating appropriate innovation into our programs, services and facilities.  We develop creative programming that meets the expectations of current residents and anticipates those of future generations.  We provide services and that consistently meet or exceed resident expectations, industry standards and reflect best practices.  We provide for residents’ needs in a manner that distinguishes The Highlands’ as the most appealing retirement community in the region.

Financial Responsibility

We are attentive to our fiduciary responsibility and manage The Highlands in a way that maintains financial strength, ensure long-term viability, and provides value to our residents. These purposes are accomplished through adherence to sound financial management principles and a focus on long-range planning.

Team Spirit

Our sustained commitment to work together as a team in pursuit of excellence promotes the fulfillment of our mission and vision.  Team spirit is realized by fostering a work environment in which all staff endeavor to meet the PRIDE Standards of Performance.  Team spirit includes a strong organizational commitment to respectful working relationships and recognition of the vital role each staff member plays in achieving success.